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NYC’s Top 5 Yoga Studios

With a million options for where to practice yoga in New York City – here’s a shortlist of our top five:


Founded by Krissy Jones and Chloe Kernaghan, these ladies have figured it out. All three of their studios are stylish + sophisticated light filled dreamscapes.  They’ve ushered in the new wave of what yoga studios are starting to look and feel like. The vibe here epitomizes NYC with its youthful energy and creative spark.  They sell a gorgeous selection of curated products, including their own line. While you can expect a strong influence of Katonah Yoga here, the teaching mix is well varied.  Most classes are 60 minutes and all levels. Try Ally Bogard, or one that’s co-taught by Krissy and Chloe.


Woom Center

Woom (pictured below) is a magical little studio on the Bowery, in downtown Manhattan.  Expect a multi-sensory experience, with eye masks, wall to wall projections, and a sweaty, dynamic vinyasa flow. Founded by David and Elian, who have some rad sonic offerings. Take Francesca Bove’s incomparable class, and stay afterwards for a homemade healthy tonic in their charming cafe.

The Studio

Founded by Abbie Galvin, The Studio is NYC’s only dedicated Katonah yoga studio.  Abbie (pictured below) has been teaching Katonah since before I was born. Expect a lot of hands on adjustments, and also to get called out on your bad habits.  They have the best pranayama offering around. Try Abbie Galvin or Dages Juvelier Keates. The Studio also offers a ton of shorter 30-50 hour Katonah trainings throughout the year.

Kula Yoga Project

Founded by Schuyler Grant before yoga was cool, what we love about Kula is that it’s old school – the community is dedicated, the stairs are worn, and there’s no tricks or gimmicks here.  Kula has 3 locations: Soho, Tribeca, and Williamsburg. Expect Iyengar style alignment combined with intelligent vinyasa sequencing. Try Nikki Vilella, Oceana Baity, Rebecca Ketchum, Magi Pierce or Giulia Pline. Kula is also well known for their solid teacher trainings.


Yoga Union

Yoga Union is another from the old school. Located in midtown Manhattan, Yoga Union is no frills and no fuss. Founded by Alison West, Yoga Union is where you’ll probably run into your teacher practicing. Arrive early, pay attention, and you’ll learn a lot about yourself if you care to see.  Alison offers one of the most comprehensive scoliosis and back-care programs in the US. If you’re not based in NYC, Alison now has an excellent online offering with Yoga Journal.

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OM 4 Yoga Playlist

Teachers, feel free to use this playlist, or pull your favorite songs and make it your own! Simply follow this playlist, or search ‘Anton Brandt’ on Spotify for more.

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Vinyasa Flow Sequence – 10 min

A fluid yoga sequence to start the day, especially if you don’t have time for a full class (it’s just under 10 minutes). This creative & intelligent vinyasa flow is typical of Anton’s teaching style. All levels welcome. Enjoy!

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Mysore Magic

I felt a deep change happening inside me, as my physical limits & boundaries began to dissolve. With that, my own psychological constructs were expanding into a more vast idea of who I really was, beyond those borders. I was afraid of what I might confront as the lines that defined me became blurred. Was I still the clearly defined person who came there, or something larger that could not be so easily delineated? Did the labels about my job, appearance, and personality that I usually used to describe myself still apply? During that month, I felt the promise of understanding something deeper about myself. -excerpt from Mysore Magic, by Lori Brungard

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How to Headstand – Video Demo

Anton Brandt, founder of The Sacred Fig, guides you safely through some beginner & intermediate variations of Supported Headstand (Salamba Sirsasana). Remember, it’s always best to practice with a teacher! Avoid this asana if you’re pregnant, menstruating, have neck problems, heart conditions, or high/low blood pressure, This pose is excellent to calm the mind, stimulate the pituitary & pineal glands, improve digestion, the list goes on & on. Visit our YouTube page or the ‘watch’ section of our website for more free video tutorials & sample classes.

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