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Mysore Magic

I felt a deep change happening inside me, as my physical limits & boundaries began to dissolve. With that, my own psychological constructs were expanding into a more vast idea of who I really was, beyond those borders. I was afraid of what I might confront as the lines that defined me became blurred. Was I still the clearly defined person who came there, or something larger that could not be so easily delineated? Did the labels about my job, appearance, and personality that I usually used to describe myself still apply? During that month, I felt the promise of understanding something deeper about myself. -excerpt from Mysore Magic, by Lori Brungard

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How to Headstand – Video Demo

Anton Brandt, founder of The Sacred Fig, guides you safely through some beginner & intermediate variations of Supported Headstand (Salamba Sirsasana). Remember, it’s always best to practice with a teacher! Avoid this asana if you’re pregnant, menstruating, have neck problems, heart conditions, or high/low blood pressure, This pose is excellent to calm the mind, stimulate the pituitary & pineal glands, improve digestion, the list goes on & on. Visit our YouTube page or the ‘watch’ section of our website for more free video tutorials & sample classes.

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Inspiro Yoga Playlist

A great yoga playlist from Lisa & Naza! Lisa makes the best raw cacao sweet treats you’ve EVER had, and Naza is sometimes found handstanding in his sleep. Oh yea, and they’re guest faculty on The Sacred Fig Trainings & retreats, as well as the founders in Inspiro Yoga.

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