Alex is a globally recognized teacher and teacher-trainer in the method of Katonah Yoga.  She has been teaching locally and abroad for 15 years and has been on the founding team of two New York City studios – Sky Ting and The Studio (formally known as Katonah Yoga on Bowery).  Alex’s mission is to seamlessly combine the esoteric and pragmatic in order to maintain teaching as an inclusive and generous practice.  While the underpinnings of her training are rooted in the ancient techniques of Hatha Yoga, Zen Meditation, and Taoist philosophy, Alex is constantly designing curriculum that evolves with modern times.

In her classes you will hear esoteric banter inspired by Nevine Michaan (founder of Katonah Yoga); insights from studying the psyche and soma with Abbie Galvin (founder of The Studio); liberatory pedagogy inspired by Bell Hooks (Teaching to Transgress); philosophies of meditation and self-inquiry echoing Tara Brach and Ally Bogard; an adeptness at body reading and anatomy a la Katonah Yoga Diagnostics; and an overall buoyancy that reflects Alex’s passion for themes and theories that connect each and every individual to the greater whole.  Alex’s primary philosophy is that yoga is one technique amongst many that enhances one’s capacity to live well, cope with life, and feel powerful.  

Alex is a published author of her book, Practical Magic along with articles and interviews on her teachings, learnings, and curriculum design.  She lives in Nyack, NY with her husband Taylor and dog Bean.  

Pronoun: She/Her

Instagram: @alexsharry