The Sacred Fig

Our Teachers

Chloe Kernaghan

Chloe is a lover of dance + movement.

Grace Dubery

Grace is a Lisbon-based yoga teacher.

Dr. Rose Erin Vaughan

Rose Erin is an Acupuncturist, Myofascial Therapist + Anatomy Specialist.

Anton Brandt

Anton is the founder of The Sacred Fig.

Nikki Vilella

Nikki heads up Kula Yoga Project in NYC.

Alex Sharry

Alex is an author and NY-based Katonah Yoga Teacher.

Rebecca Ketchum

Rebecca is an NY-based yoga teacher.

Josie Schweitzer

Josie is a Colorado-based Katonah Yoga Teacher.

Tony Lupinacci

Tony is a Portugal-based Yoga, Meditation + Mantra teacher.

Chloe Knowlden

Chloe is a Bath, UK based yoga teacher.

Krissy Jones

Krissy owns Sky Ting Yoga in NYC.

Lauren Gerrie

Lauren is an NYC-based chef & creative force.

Francesca Bove

Francesca is a Rome-based yoga teacher and co-creator of Woom Center in NYC.

Dr. Sharada

Dr. Sharada is an Ayurvedic Doctor.

Jules Mitchell

Jules is the author of Yoga Biomechanics: Stretching Redefined, and co-authored our 200hr anatomy curriculum.


Raghav-ji is a Brahmin Sanskrit scholar and philosophy teacher.

Sofia Araujo

Sofia is the founder of Swara Yoga School.

Jon Ziff Sint

Jon is an NY-based yoga teacher.

Matt Corker

Matt is an Integral Coach & Organizational Design Consultant

Tiffany Fisk

Tiffany is a Minneapolis-based movement teacher + bodyworker.

Antonia Lingemann

Antonia is a Berlin-based Katonah Yoga teacher.

Marco Miehling

Marco is a Multidisciplinary Artist, Designer + Yoga Teacher

Kat Yates

Kat is a Birmingham-based Katonah Yoga Teacher

Amber Leigh Kelsey

Amber is a Mallorcan based Spiritual Coach.

Lauren Mackay

Lauren is a Calgary, Canada based yoga teacher.