I've been teaching yoga and various other movement practices for over 20 years. For me, yoga has become a practice of curious self-inquiry. Tias Little calls yoga one of the great "internal arts" which is what it feels like to me. During my self practice I look inward and explore my organs, tissues, boundaries, emotions. I'm not only interested in my own 'internal art" but am also continuously refining and codifying a language I can use to help me guide others to go inward. I believe once we have turned our attention inward with a sense of wonder, we are often better in our relationships. When we are better in our relationships we are better citizens in the world.

I teach at Kula Yoga Project in NYC and specialize in working with private clients and teaching other teachers. My favorite aspect of leading trainings is getting to witness others take the grace, intelligence, and generosity they already have within and bring it all to light while they teach. I travel around the world leading retreats and workshops on anything from the spine to inversions to pranayama.

Learn more about Rebecca here: ketchumyoga.com
Preferred Pronoun: She/Her
Instagram @ketchumyoga