I began my practice over a decade ago in an attempt to metabolize deep grief and to understand the human condition through my own. After countless hours of practice + self study I began to shed the protective layers of my personality. I found myself thinking less and feeling more. I know now that our true nature is to love and to move from a space of open hearted compassion. I aim to get students back to this simple truth.

In my classes, elements of Ashtanga, Kundalini Gosh + Katonah Yoga are woven together to create a rigorous inward exploration of the self.  I also use vedic meditation, mantra and kriya as tools to reach higher states of consciousness through the physical form. 

My goal is for practitioners to leave with a stronger connection to themselves and to all sentient beings. 

Tony Lupinacci, Yoga + Meditation Teacher, E-RYT 500

Instagram @tonylupinacci

Preferred Pronoun: He/Him