Dr. Sharada

Dr. Sharada has dedicated her life to the study of Holistic Medicine. After graduating as a medical doctor in the Indian systems of Medicine, she did her post-grad in Physiology and went on to teach aspiring doctors in medical school for eight years. She also holds a post-graduate degree in modern Psychology and Counseling, and has taught as guest faculty at a medical University in Canada. Her background in both modern and traditional holistic medicine, psychology and physiology makes her acutely aware of the need for Yoga, ayurveda and holistic medicine and also some inherent limitations of the modern allopathic medical approach to human health and well-being. Dr. Sharada has also been a long-time student of Indian Spiritual traditions and loves to help and heal people and share her knowledge of Ayurveda, holistic health care and physiology.

Preferred Pronoun: She/Her