Chloe Knowlden

Chloe comes from an incredibly varied dance background; her training in contemporary dance and vinyasa yoga creates a fiery blend of the two disciplines. She brings to bear pranayama, meditation and movement techniques, which unite to unearth a strong and powerful practice. 

Following a severe spinal injury during Chloe’s dance training, she brings a restorative energy to her training style, which actively combats physical and mental strains of the modern world. Her training with The Sacred Fig, Celest Pereira and various movement modalities, has led her to create a practice that is always an exploration of ones’ self.  Chloe loves to bring an element of play into Yoga; not taking yourself too seriously is key in her class! 

Chloe is based in Bath, U.K and teaches across the city in various studios. You can also find her teaching classes on our FigFlix platform, where Anton secretly writes her sequences down and steals them for his trainings 🤸🏻