When not standing on his hands, most of Anton’s adult life has been spent travelling the world, with the common thread linking his varied life experience being a search for the extraordinary. From founding a sustainable footwear brand, to working with the glam-pop-band Scissor Sisters, his yoga practice kept him grounded along the way. Eventually that practice turned into a life long dedication, and since then he’s travelled the world exploring wide ranging modalities, from Holotropic Breathwork to Sacred Medicine, from The Landmark Forum to Vipassana Meditation. The Sacred Fig is the culmination of that journey.

Anton is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (Yoga Alliance, E-RYT) of a zillion hours. He seamlessly blends meditation, pranayama, asana + functional movement together with a sense of lightness, laughter, and ease. Anton’s classes are intelligently sequenced, fluid, dynamic, and physically demanding.

Anton has been profoundly influenced by his teachers Nevine Michaan, Gil Hedley, and Mother Nature. He’s been featured in various publications, including CN Traveler and The Guardian. Here's what YogaCityNYC says about him:

"When you meet a spirit with an exceptionally radiant, guiding light, you feel the desire to surround yourself with their presence. And if you’re fortunate enough to find this light source, it’s a gift. Anton has a sparkle that exudes from an authentic place of ease and happiness deep within." 

Anton lives with his partner and their many animals at Cocoon Portugal. Cocoon is a 275 acre farm + yoga retreat centre on the Atlantic coast of Portugal.  

Preferred Pronoun: He/Him

Instagram @antonbrandt