Using a non-dogmatic approach, Grace views the physical practice of yoga as gateway, not an end in itself. For her, the practice of yoga asana teaches us to not only broaden the breath, but also to expand stillness within ourselves. To inhabit that space more frequently and more comfortably is her ultimate goal, in practice, and in teaching. Her vinyasa classes are fun and creative, with attention to technique and alignment. They include variations suitable for all levels of experience.

As an ambassador for Lolë Women, Grace was chosen to lead the Lolë White Yoga Tour sessions in Toronto, Edmonton and Paris - an event that brings together thousands of people for uplifting yoga sessions dedicated to peace.

Grace’s teaching is rooted in a deep personal exploration of the Ashtanga Vinyasa system. An individual’s journey inward must ultimately lead back outward, to engagement with the community. This realization inspired her to deepen her commitment to development projects, both locally and abroad with the belief that the ultimate goals of yoga are not intended to be confined to the mat.

Preferred Pronoun: She/Her

Instagram @gracedubery