Having always carried a passion for the healing arts, I’ve infused this inquiry into most aspects of my life. From academics through to motherhood, I’ve felt a consistent calling toward “the healed life” which eventually rooted me in the world of wellness. With over a dozen years of experience, I have taught in a variety of different roles, contexts, and countries, and yet the consistent throughline has been one of sacred empowerment.  Working with clients, I quickly realized that without agency, personal responsibility, and integrity, healing becomes impossible. And thus, it is those qualities that I work to instill and promote as the foundation of a healed life. 

I hold an MA from New York University in the humanities which allowed me to study how culture utilizes ritual as a means of transcendence. From Mark Rothko’s color fields to Candomlé rituals involving percussion and dance, I dedicated my time in academia to researching methodologies that allowed predominately oppressed peoples and cultures to transcend their sufferings. It was evident to me then, as it is to me now, that empowerment was a critical component of this transcendence.

Ultimately, however, it has been my own search for healing and empowerment that has informed my work the most profoundly. I have an intimate relationship with the practices in which I teach and work to transmit their efficacy with the deepest respect possible.

Perhaps my greatest teachings (and learnings) have come from motherhood, as it is those lessons in softening, patience, and nurturance that encouraged me to create MotherNidra, a company rooted in compassionate listening and witnessing.

Preferred Pronoun: She/Her