Born and raised among the art, architecture & gnocchi of Rome, Italy, Francesca leapt over the ocean to pursue her acting dream. In this wild pursuit, she kept banging up against a painful obstacle: her back. Coined as her 'saving grace,' she stumbled upon Laughing Lotus and class after class, from the warriors and chaturangas all the way into savasana, she healed herself. After spinning this obstacle into a fruitful web, her true passion was revealed: teaching yoga. Francesca teaches yoga to learn how to face herself everyday, in an honest and curious way. She hopes to inspire other to do the same.

Grateful always for the magical teachings of Nevine Michaan at Katonah Yoga, and her dear friends and teachers Elian Zach and David Shamesh, with whom she has co-created Woom Center in NYC. At Woom, sound meditation and Yoga merge, weaving together a multi-sensorial experience. She is honored to be Woom's Yoga Director, in a place where the senses collide.

In a class setting, Francesca merges the importance of class structure and boundaries with the infinite possibility of freedom and movement within that structure. She offers gratitude to all her teachers and students who continue to inspire and move her.  

Instagram: @yoga__monster

Preferred Pronouns : she / her