Tiffany’s rigorous academic study of the human body has led her to understand the body as an autobiography, unconsciously written in the present moment with past thoughts, emotions and movements that linger to distort the body and mind. Tiffany believes that with a nuanced understanding of how the body works, one can more consciously become the author of their body’s story. For Tiffany, yoga is the pencil AND eraser.

Tiffany has seen how yoga can make the impossible possible, not only physically as in now you can touch your toes, but emotionally in being able to heal from past trauma. She understands that for movement of any kind to be functional, it must first be available. Her desire is to facilitate the limitless transformation that yoga can bring.

She is grateful for the guidance and wisdom from all her past teachers, but would especially like to thank Schuyler Grant for teaching her an advanced, creative sequencing that flows with the breath, challenges the body and stimulates the mind. Jason Brown for giving her a thorough understanding of the bones, muscles, connective tissues, common injuries and modifications for the yogic body. Zachary Dacuk for expanding her understanding of anatomy from a reductionist, individual muscle approach, to the complete myofascial system of conscious embodiment. Zach also taught Tiffany to recognize where the body deviates from neutral alignment and how to bring it back with yoga. Last, but not least, Diana Zotos and the teachers of Physiyoga for sharing their knowledge of pathologies, assessments of imbalances/suboptimal patterns and a systematic approach to bring about less pain and more strength into the body through yoga.

Tiffany recently moved to Minneapolis and is thrilled to be attending Center Point’s East West Therapeutic Bodywork School where she is integrating Asian Shiatsu Amna with Western Swedish Massage. She strives to be a catalyst for healing imbalances at the internal/energetic level with shiatsu, at the physical/myofascial level with massage and at the spiritual level with the movement and breath of yoga.

Preferred Pronoun: She/Her

Instagram @fitsofjoy