Yoga & Wellness Retreat


December 26th 2020 - January 2nd, 2021

Ancient teachings, modern approach

This retreat is currently at capacity! If you really have your heart set on joining us, we often have cancellations! Email Nicole at [email protected] to put your name in the waitlist.

A SKY TING + The Sacred Fig annual New Year’s retreat.

For many of us, our day-to-day reality is a demanding job + daily social obligations.  New technologies that were designed to simplify our lives somehow have added more to our already overflowing plates. Our culture tells us that being ‘busy’ is a good thing: it means we’re in demand + successful.  Whether we see this busy-ness as self-imposed or not, it’s hard to align ourselves with the person we want to be.

When was the last time you felt fully recharged?  When was the last time you had the space to dedicate to the things that you find important? This retreat is specifically designed to realign & re-calibrate.  To step away from our day-to-day dramas, and get a greater perspective on ourselves, our goals, our desires, & our friendships.

At this special Sacred Fig + Sky Ting retreat, expect early morning breathwork, and lazy afternoon seaside naps. Expect lovingly prepared, nourishing meals every day, and world-class yoga asana. Expect to create new bonds, share surprising conversations & laughter… and still plenty of time for self-reflection.

About Mexico

Ready for a New Year's escape? Puerto Vallarta probably isn’t quite the first place you’ll think of. But then there’s Xinalani, the gloriously secluded eco-resort wedged between the jungle + the water. Technically, it’s in Puerto Vallarta, but it’s actually twelve miles down the coast from town, and only accessible by boat, which makes all the difference. Pick up what you need before boarding, put an auto-responder on your email: there’s no Starbucks nearby, nor reliable wi-fi either. No television, no complimentary in-room iPad. Which is precisely the point: to get away from all of that and enjoy the sand, sun, and sea.

Xinalani is situated on the large, crystal-clear Banderas Bay on Mexico’s Pacific coast. They have a low-impact approach to the environment. The natural landscape surrounding the place is Xinalani’s main attraction: even the 23 guest rooms, situated within a series of palm-thatched cabins, are open-air. Each has just three walls and a curtain that you’ll probably leave open most of the time, the better to catch a sea breeze or gaze at the thousands of stars twinkling in the night sky.

Rooms have open-air showers, artisan-made writing desks, and private balconies with views of the jungle and the bay. After morning asana, there’s a bright and healthy buffet breakfast in the waterfront restaurant. Go for a massage at the spa or join a shaman-led ceremony at our own sweat lodge, built into the rocky cliffs by the beach. Or you can skip all the activities and just go for drinks and a swim at the beach club.

The Retreat Center

La Comida The food sourced at our property is local & organic (when available). It's fresh + thoughtfully prepared, with traditional ingredients from the region. There are lots of vegetarian + vegan options, as well as freshly-caught fish served daily. The property is well known for their food: you won't be disappointed! Our chef will happily accommodate vegan, gluten-free, or any other dietary restrictions (we'll give them your dietary restrictions in advance so that they're well-prepared before you arrive). Vino y cerveza are available for purchase. To give you an idea, a Corona is $2.50 and a chilled bottle of Chilean white is $25.

Los Cuartos All the rooms on our property are palm-thatched cabins built on stilts with stunning views of the beach and the Pacific Ocean. We have arranged for a variety of rooming options for different budgets. Opt for a co-ed dorm, share a double with a friend, or splurge on a luxurious private room. Please keep in mind this is not a Marriott - if you require air-conditioning, or turn-down service, this is simply NOT the retreat for you. If you appreciate wild beauty, barefoot adventures, Temazcal Ceremonies, cold beer, and easy going beach vibes, then this IS for you!

Cómo Llegar. All you need to plan is your flight into Puerto Vallarta. From there, we'll arrange your transport, which entails travel by panga, a small (25-30 foot) fiber glass Mexican boat with an outboard engine. You will most likely get your legs wet, as you jump off the boat on to the beach (this is your Indiana Jones moment!) The retreat center is built on a very steep terrain and there are many many stairs, and no elevator, which is let’s face it, is your change to get your butt into shape. As for booking your flights, you should land no later than 4pm on Dec 26th, and depart Puerto Vallarta no earlier than 11am on Jan 2nd.

Actividades. There are a ton of optional activities that you can do on your free time. (some are included in the retreat price, some are additional) Kayaking, is complimentary, you can go right from our beach Snorkelling gear is also complimentary, you can go snorkling right out front! Surfing. You can rent a board for $35 for 2 hours. SUP You can rent a Stand Up Paddle Board for $35 for 2 hours. Temazcal Ceremony Temazcal means "house of heat" in the Aztec langauge. The famed 'sweat lodge' costs $40.

Un Poco Más. Important stuff to know! The property is only accessible by boat. Your knees will get wet when getting off the boat. The property also has a lot of stairs! and finally, leave your work at home! The Wifi is super unreliable.

What's not included in the price? Your int'l & domestic travel (but we'll help coordinate to keep things easy-breezy). Alcohol (you're welcome to drink, but you gotta pay for it!). Extra activities beyond what we've organized (like getting a massage, or renting a surfboard).

Daily Schedule

This retreat takes place from Dec 26th 2020 - Jan 2nd, 2021. Plan on arriving at the property after 4pm on Dec 26th, and leaving by 11am on Jan 2nd. We'll arrange your transport from Puerto Vallarta airport to + from the property. Each day is balanced between group activities, and plenty of free time to do as you wish. There are lots of optional activities, and you can get into as much or as little as you want. Below is a schedule just to give you a general idea (it tends to vary once we actually get going). Whether you want to embrace your introvert, or hang out with new friends - there will be plenty of opportunity for both.

8 - 945am

Movement + Breath
Intelligent, rigorous vinyasa yoga, woven together with breath and mindfulness techniques.

10 - 11am

Enjoy a healthy breakfast. Expect local fruit, greek yogurt, amaranth granola, pancakes, homemade muffins, eggs from our chickens, slow-rise bread, homemade jam, and strong coffee.

11am - 2pm

Chill out, adventure to the beach, or take a nap on one of the hammocks.

230 - 330pm

A light lunch. Expect ceviche, gaspacho, grilled peppers, free-range chicken, etc.

330 - 530pm

Free for you to enjoy as you wish.

530 - 7pm

Afternoon Practice
The afternoon activity varies. Often times it's a yoga class taught by one of our teachers, and some other days we'll go on an outdoor adventure. It varies depending on the direction of the group.


Expect fish tacos, guacamole, and lots of veggie + vegan options. Alcohol available at a very reasonable price.


Sleep, stargaze, or enjoy a glass of vino.


Chloe Kernaghan

Born + raised on the island of Guam, Chloe moved to NYC initially for college and has never left. To find her calm midst the city madness, she took up a yoga practice which led her to many trainings and becoming...


Anton Brandt

When not standing on his hands, most of Anton’s adult life has been spent travelling the world, with the common thread linking his varied life experience being a search for the extraordinary. From founding a sustainable footwear brand, to working...



  • I've been to Tuscany and Costa Rica with The Sacred Fig and cannot thank Anton enough for spiking my interest in yoga retreats. First of all, his teaching style is genius; technical and fun. The co-leaders he selects bring valuable contributions to the retreat. It's been a year since Tuscany, but I'm still using Amber's Nidra (physic sleep) download if I can't get my eight hours of sleep in NY. Grace helped me not only learn yoga but both her and Anton were the perfect mentors when we went horse-riding in the beautiful & wild Costa Rican jungle. There is never a dull moment on these retreats, I only wish they were longer! Personally, I have enjoyed every moment. I've learned how to make Tiramisu in Italy, and Tamales in Costa Rica. Yoga away from routine life provided me with a new perspective, it has opened my heart and calmed me down... it's just what these retreats do. I cannot wait to experience another new country (and new poses!) with The Sacred Fig - the best!

    Komud, NYC, 2018

  • I took off the day after Christmas to head to Costa Rica for my first Sacred Fig retreat... AMAZING doesn't begin to describe it! Being on a Sacred Fig retreat was simply the best medicine for my soul. The location was magical. Even being a beginner yogi, I immediately felt very comfortable, and Anton was the best teacher I could have asked for. I highly recommend joining a Sacred Fig retreat!!

    Vanessa, California, 2017


what you get

  • An open-air palapa for the duration of the retreat
  • 3 farm-to-table vegetarian meals per day, for the duration of the course, including drinking water, coffee tea, and dessert
  • Access to the entire beachfront property, including kayaks, snorkelling gear, hammocks, pool...
  • Twice-daily yoga classes with The Sacred Fig faculty
  • The best New Year's ever!

All inclusive of the above:

USD $1950 | SOLD OUT (Large Palapa. This is for a single bed in an 8 bed co-ed dorm-style room, with two bathrooms. )

USD $2200 | SOLD OUT (Small Palapa. This is for a single bed in an 4 bed co-ed room, with one bathroom. )

USD $2600 | SOLD OUT (Deluxe Room. This is for a single bed in a shared double deluxe room. )

USD $2800 | SOLD OUT (Petite Suite. This is for a single bed in a shared double Petite Suite room. )

USD $2800 | SOLD OUT (Petite Suite. This is the rate (per person) for two people to share one king bed in a Petite Suite. )

USD $3800 | SOLD OUT (Deluxe Room. This rate is for a private deluxe room. )

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