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“ be the change you want to see in the world ”

2003. Barcelona, Spain. Our early 20′s – both curious and eager to discover and travel the world. Our lives crossed and our souls intertwined.. We set out on a journey which has been – and still is – full of adventure, challenges, surprises, joy and sometimes tears. From strawberry picking on the tiny island Samsoe in Denmark, to bartending in the Italian Alpes, olive harvesting in Granada, Spain, long night shifts at a corn factory in Blenheim, New Zealand, all of these experiences made it possible for us to travel, see amazing places, and meet and learn from people from different cultures and backgrounds.

The experiences from our travel has been the best education we could ever get: a high appreciation for life. Values and beliefs have been reshaped and renewed. What was uninteresting is now fascinating, What seemed scary is now a delight.  What seemed to be impossible is now a reality.

We’ve learned to be grateful for our health. For having been introduced to raw food and holistic nutrition, and about the way we consume food and its effect on the planet.

We’re grateful for our discovery and journeys of yoga that we’ve individually, and at the same time together walked. Amazed by what the magic of yoga has brought into our lives. Playfulness, connection, openness, flexibility, & stability.  We feel deep gratitude to all our teachers: yogis, raw foodies, family members, friends, and even a few strangers – that have taught and keep teaching us about life.

Naza & Lisa are the founders of Inspiro Yoga, a platform for them to share their passions & experiences of yoga, food, nutrition, and life, with people around the world.

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