100 hours - Yoga Technique, Training & Practice
Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, Mantra, Kriya & Chanting

This is the largest portion of the curriculum, including sunrise Satsang, followed by daily Asana practice. Early morning Satsang will always include a form of meditation, and will also often include various traditional yoga techniques, such as Mantra, Kriya (cleansing techniques) and Pranayama (breathwork). The daily Asana practice is 90 minutes of rigorous, intentional, breath-based vinyasa.

30 hours - Teaching Methodology
The Sacred Fig Principles of Teaching & Personal Development

The Sacred Fig Teaching Methodology is unique in it's approach. Yes, demonstrating, assisting, and adjusting students is certainly covered. But we also weave in personal development, confidence building, & group dynamics. Finally, we'll cover voice, rhythm, tone, and pace. The Sacred Fig Education is specifically geared to direct trainees to discover their authentic voice.

25 hours - Anatomy & Physiology
Applied Physical & Energetic Anatomy

The Sacred Fig anatomical education is far from a traditional anatomy snooze-fest. You'll learn about ground-breaking anatomical theories in a real-life setting. We cover both the human physical anatomy (skeletal, muscular, respiratory, & cardiovascular systems) as well as energetic anatomy (prana, chakras, nadis, bandhas). There is a specific emphasis on understanding fascia & it's role in shaping our bodies. All the anatomical principles learned in the training are applicable to yoga asana practice in a real-life setting, in terms of healthy & sustainable movement patterns, benefits, and contraindications.

30 hours - Yoga Philosophy & Ethics
From The Yoga Sutras to Modern-Day Mindfulness

The Sacred Fig has a non-traditional approach to Yoga Philosophy. Expect a healthy dialogue on key concepts from The Yoga Sutras and Bhagavad Gita, but that's just the start. As one could dedicate years to yoga philosophy, we hone-in on key traditional philosophical concepts. We also explore present-moment awareness techniques, and mindfulness practice as it relates to a yoga teacher. 

20 hours - Practicum
Practice Teaching, Video Feedback & Dropping The Comfort Zone

Using accelerated learning techniques, trainees will practice teaching in a variety of settings & scenarios (including small & large groups, and plenty of surprise scenarios). We utilize technology, for example, via video feedback, as another layer to the learning process. The Sacred Fig Practicum is regarded at the forefront of Yoga education, using a thoroughly considered approach to teaching that greatly expands the potential and speed in which one learns.

Daily Schedule

This rigorous 200 hour teacher training program takes place over 24 days. Over the course of the training, expect one rest day, as well as one afternoon off. Below is a typical schedule, which tends to vary slightly each training, according to the specific needs & pace of each individual group. The days will naturally vary, as each day builds upon the next. Check in at Cocoon starts at 3pm on Feb 1st, and check out on Feb 24th is 10:30am. Plan to land in Lisbon before 12pm on Feb 1st, and depart Lisbon no earlier than 2pm on Feb 24th.

Sunrise Satsang. Satsang means to gather in the company of those seeking the highest truth. And so together, each morning we will meditate, practice pranayama, and chant mantra. Satsang practices will vary day to day.
Asana. Rigorous, intentional, breath-based vinyasa, led by The Sacred Fig senior faculty. After practice, there's just enough time to enjoy dip in the freshwater lake before breakfast.
Nourish. Enjoy a healthy breakfast of living foods. Expect eggs, avocados, local fruits, yogurt, homemade granola, homemade jam, fresh bread. Meals are vegetarian, and there's options for everyone. Food is often organic & local. Cocoon's roasts their own coffee & sources quality herbal teas.
Morning Session. The morning session tends to be the most "traditional" in terms of yoga education - the core elements. Topics vary each week, from yoga philosophy as it's relevant today, to anatomy of the body, and how it relates to asana practice.
Nourish. Nutritious vegetarian lunch.
Integrate. Use this time to study, or enjoy a nap by the lake. This is a great opportunity to enjoy a massage, or take some quiet time to yourself.
Afternoon Session. The afternoon session is hands-on. Topics include teacher breakout sessions, energetics of the body & movement, alignment of key poses, and physical adjustments.
Nourish. Delicious vegetarian dinner.
Evening Session. Evening sessions are specifically geared to be more experiential, spontaneous & appropriate for the hour. We will not have evening sessions each night. Expect anything from film screenings, to dance parties, and embodied leadership night sessions. Some evenings will not have required sessions, while others may run slightly longer than the scheduled time.
Take Rest.



A shared room for the duration of the course


3 farm-to-table vegetarian meals per day, for the duration of the course, including spring water, strong coffee, and herbal tea


Access to the entire 275 acre property, including lake, bicycles, animals, and wifi


200+ hours of Yoga Alliance education

The Sacred Fig Reader, covering a rigorous + thoughtful curriculum based on accelerated learning principles.

Access to online training materials


World renowned faculty - all experts in their fields
Access to The Sacred Fig global community of yogis
Support & mentorship from The Sacred Fig faculty, including post-training guidance
Recognition as a graduate from The Sacred Fig Yoga Education Program
Surprises along the way :)

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