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June 12-19, 2021

Ancient teachings, modern approach

An annual retreat with our pals at SKY TING YOGA.

For many of us, our day-to-day reality is a demanding job + daily social obligations.  New technologies that were designed to simplify our lives somehow have added more to our already overflowing plates. Our culture tells us that being ‘busy’ is a good thing: it means we’re in demand + successful.  Whether we see this busy-ness as self-imposed or not, it’s hard to align ourselves with the person we want to be.

When was the last time you felt fully recharged?  When was the last time you had the space to dedicate to the things that you find important? This retreat is specifically designed to realign & re-calibrate.  To step away from our day-to-day dramas, and get a greater perspective on ourselves, our goals, our desires, & our friendships.

At this special Pantelleria retreat – expect afternoon naps by the Hockney-inspired pool, and sunset meditations in the Arabian garden. Expect gorgeous meals prepared by our private chef, and some world-class yoga asana. Expect to create new bonds, share surprising conversations & laughter… and still find plenty of time for self-reflection.

About Pantelleria

About halfway between Italy and Tunisia, Pantelleria juts out from the Mediterranean ocean as a black volcanic rock. Exuding a sense of mystery & magic, its known as the black pearl of the Mediterranean. While officially Italian, the land & architecture feels somehow closer to Africa than it does to Sicily. It's rustic and wild: there's no umbrella-lined sandy beaches, thumping nightlife or postcards for sale. Rather, people come here to spend their afternoons hiking to the Lago di Venere, where the tradition is to get slathered in sulphuric mud from the milky-turquoise water. Wander off property, and clamor down a rocky path to explore the thermal baths below.

The beauty of Pantelleria is subtle & understated. This sparsely populated island, with it's terraced slopes of wild herbs, capers & olives, is home to more reclusive icons like Giorgio Armani. Still today, it's one of Italy's best kept secrets. The New York Times recently wrote an article about Pantelleria, listing our property as one of the finest places on the island.

The Retreat Center

We're staying on the southwest side of the island, near the ancient village of Scauri and the stunning cliff of Arco dell’Elefante. You might recognize our property from the stunning Luca Guadagnino film, A Bigger Splash. The surroundings are dotted with caves, lava sculptures, and emerald coves. Our property is dotted with exotic palms, fruit orchards, and a shaded pine forest. The Arabian garden is a stunning structure of ancient lava stone walls protecting the citrus trees inside. At night, the estate becomes charming and magical, conceived for strolls among the trees under the stars.

The seven traditional structures dotted around the property are called Dammusi - a symbiosis between settlement and nature, of closed and open spaces. The decor is a sophisticated combination of functional design furniture and vintage objects. The property has a few smaller plunge pools and one full-sized swimming pool.

Le Camere. (the rooms) The property has seven ancient dammusi, beautifully restored to preserve their rustic charm. Each dammusi has a kitchen and outdoor terrace, some have rooftops to lounge on, some have little plunge pools. The property spans over 30 acres, with gardens, pools, pine-forests and palm groves. Space for this retreat is limited to 18 students. Each room is unique, with it's own rustic charm. Some bedrooms have one large bed, and some have two twin beds. Some rooms have adjoining living rooms, which have typically have a single bed in as well. Rates vary depending on if you decide to share a bed, to share a room but have your own bed, or opt for a triple. Please keep in mind this is not a resort - it's a private villa. If you are looking for a JW Mariott with staff, central AC and turn-down service, this is simply NOT the retreat for you. If you appreciate understated beauty, barefoot adventures, a freshwater pool with Roman palazzo tilework, breathtaking herbal gardens, and thermal energy all around you, then this IS for you! The property is so spacious, with many places to relax, chat or study - and that from our experience people really only use their rooms to sleep.

La Cucina. (the food) For breakfast, expect egg fritatta, local cheeses, homemade jams, fresh brewed coffee, local melons. For lunch, expect cured local meats, rocket salad, beetroot hummus, and caprese. For dinner, expect lots of vegetarian options, of course Italian pastas, grilled local veggies, and ancient grains. Local raw, unfiltered wine is available for purchase at a reasonable price. We fly in a different chef each year, so the food will be spectacular. The menu items listed above are just to give you an idea! Each dammuso has it's own kitchen. We'll provide fruits, water, and coffee in each dammuso. If you would like an early morning coffee before meditation, you'll be able to make your own in your own dammuso. After morning asana, our chef will prepare coffee along with breakfast for everyone to enjoy.

How To Arrive. Take the short hour-long flight from Sicily's Palermo Airport to Pantelleria. DAT (Danish Air Tranport) offers daily flights. From Pantelleria's airport to the property is a 45 minute drive through the gorgeous coastal road. Depending on if you're travelling alone or with a friend, the easiest option for most people is to rent a car. If you don't feel comfortable renting a car (or just don't want to), we can pair you with someone else arriving at the same time, so that you can drive together. Renting a car in Pantelleria is extremely easy & affordable. If you have time before or after the retreat, we recommend a couple nights in Sicily!

Activities. Our property has a few gorgeous swimming pools, perfect for lounging the afternoon away. (it's early summer, so we're expecting sunshine during the day, with cooler evenings). There are plenty of gorgeous places nearby to explore. Thermal baths, hikes, hot springs, the lake with its famous sulphuric mud, and the charming nearby town of Scauri.

What's Not Included? Extras like massage (unless you ask Anton nicely!) wine, car rental, one meal out with the group, and your international travel.

Daily Schedule

This retreat takes place from June 12-19, 2021. Plan on arriving at the property before 5pm on June 12th, and leaving after yoga & breakfast on June 19th. (We'll help coordinate for people to share transport if needed). Each day is balanced between group activities, and plenty of free time to do as you wish. Everything is optional: you can get into as much or as little as you want. Below is a schedule just to give you a general idea (it tends to vary once we actually get going). Whether you want to embrace your introvert, or hang out with new friends - there will be plenty of opportunity for both.

8am - 10am

Movement + Breath
Intelligent, rigorous vinyasa yoga, woven together with breath and mindfulness techniques.

10am - 11:30am

Enjoy a healthy breakfast. Expect local fruits, yogurt, eggs, freshly baked breads, homemade jams, and freshly brewed coffee & teas.

11:30am - 2pm

Chill out by the pool, adventure to the beach, or wander through the pine forests.

2pm - 3pm

A light lunch served on the terrace.

3pm - 5pm

Soak in the thermal baths, hike to the lake, or read a book by the pool.

5pm - 6:30pm

The afternoon activity varies. Often times it's a yoga class (more workshop style in format), and some other days we'll go on an outdoor adventure. It varies depending on the vibe of the group.

7pm - 9:30pm

A local feast! You can grab a fabulous bottle of local wine for a reasonable price.


Sleep, stargaze, or skinnydip.


Anton Brandt

When not standing on his hands, most of Anton’s adult life has been spent travelling the world, with the common thread linking his varied life experience being a search for the extraordinary. From founding a sustainable footwear brand, to working...



  • I've been to Tuscany and Costa Rica with The Sacred Fig and cannot thank Anton enough for spiking my interest in yoga retreats. First of all, his teaching style is genius; technical and fun. The co-leaders he selects bring valuable contributions to the retreat. It's been a year since Tuscany, but I'm still using Amber's Nidra (physic sleep) download if I can't get my eight hours of sleep in NY. Grace helped me not only learn yoga but both her and Anton were the perfect mentors when we went horse-riding in the beautiful & wild Costa Rican jungle. There is never a dull moment on these retreats, I only wish they were longer! Personally, I have enjoyed every moment. I've learned how to make Tiramisu in Italy, and Tamales in Costa Rica. Yoga away from routine life provided me with a new perspective, it has opened my heart and calmed me down... it's just what these retreats do. I cannot wait to experience another new country (and new poses!) with The Sacred Fig - the best!

    Komud, NYC, 2017

  • I took off the day after Christmas to head to Costa Rica for my first Sacred Fig retreat... AMAZING doesn't begin to describe it! Being on a Sacred Fig retreat was simply the best medicine for my soul. The location was magical. Even being a beginner yogi, I immediately felt very comfortable, and Anton was the best teacher I could have asked for. I highly recommend joining a Sacred Fig retreat!!

    Vanessa, California, 2017


what you get

  • Accomodations for the duration of the retreat at our private property.
  • Three meals per day for the duration of the retreat, cooked by our private chef (expect to go out and pay for 1-2 meals)
  • Access to the entire gorgeous 30 acre property, including pools, terraces & shoddy wifi
  • Twice-daily yoga classes with Krissy + Anton
  • A few adventures along the way

All inclusive of the above:

USD $2200 (Large Triple Room. Two people share a large bed and one person on a cot. Remainder payment due by April 12th, 2021.)

USD $2450 (Double Room. Two people share a large bed, with en-suite bath. Remainder payment due by April 12th, 2021.)

USD $2750 (Double Room. Two people have their own small single beds, with en-suite bath. Remainder payment due by April 12th, 2021.)

USD $3250 (Small Simple Private Room, with en-suite bath. Remainder payment due by April 12th, 2021.)

USD $3950 (Larger Nicer Private Room, with en-suite bath. Remainder payment due by April 12th, 2021.)

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