100 hours - Yoga Technique, Training & Practice
Meditation, Mantra, Pranayama and Asana

Building on the foundation laid in the 200-hour training, each morning will start with sunrise satsang, a spiritual practice of pranayama, meditation, and mantra pulled from various lineages including Transcendental Meditation, Tummo, Kundalini, Dharma, Katonah and more. As the training progresses, trainees will be guided to teach the satsang themselves. 


Following sunrise satsang, trainees will be led through a daily 90-minute asana practice by one of our world-class faculty, deepening your understanding not just of the subtlety of each posture, but the nuance of how we hold ourselves as teachers.  

50 hours - Teaching Methodology
The Sacred Fig Principles of Teaching & Personal Development

The Sacred Fig Teaching Methodology is informed by the groundbreaking work of Bell Hooks, Brene Brown, Nevine Michaan, and more: We view education as a practice of freedom. In our classroom, the teacher is the most vulnerable person in the room. Our teachers shift away from dogma and instead teach trainees to think critically. Our teaching method includes the whole person: because how we do anything informs how we do everything. 


Our methodology is aimed directly at The Seat of the Teacher - we go beyond the physical aspect of teaching yoga postures, and into deeper aspects of the practice, such as how to cultivate mindfulness, self-awareness, self-study, and ultimately spiritual growth. 

50 hours - Anatomy & Physiology
Applied Physical & Energetic Anatomy

The Sacred Fig draws inspiration from influential figures in the anatomy space, including Tom Myers (Anatomy Trains), Gil Hedley (Fascia), Jules Mitchell (Biomechanics), and Greg Lehmann (Pain Science). Dr. Rose Erin Vaughan will oversee the anatomy module on training, which goes beyond naming anatomical landmarks and into an embodied understanding of anatomy. Together we’ll dive into the rotator cuff, pecs, spine, and the knee, in a real-life setting. We’ll also explore various release techniques, like the diaphragm, hamstrings, quads, and neck release. 

50 hours - Yoga Philosophy & Ethics
Classical Texts, Contemporary Scholars, and Personal Experience.

The Sacred Fig's 300 hour advanced philosophy curriculum is a rich exploration of the ancient wisdom & modern interpretations of yoga philosophy. Drawing from diverse sources such as classical texts, contemporary scholars, and personal experiences, our curriculum delves into the fundamental principles and teachings of yoga. Trainees will explore topics such as the history and evolution of yoga, the eight limbs of yoga, the study of self (svadhyaya), ethics and morality (yamas and niyamas), the concept of self (atman), the nature of reality (Brahman), and the path to self-realization. Through engaging discussions, contemplative practices, and critical inquiry, trainees will develop a deep understanding of yoga philosophy and its practical application in today's world. Our approach honors the diversity of perspectives and encourages trainees to develop their own authentic understanding of yoga philosophy, empowering them to integrate these teachings into their personal practice and teaching with integrity and wisdom.

50 hours - Practicum
Learn to lead satsang, learn to teach to the beat, and more!

Our 300 hour advanced practicum is designed to provide trainees with ample opportunities to practice teaching in a variety of settings, including teaching asana, pranayama, and meditation. We’ll explore teaching with music, including specifically teaching to the beat. Trainees will also learn to lead satsang in a variety of settings. Utilizing accelerated learning techniques, our practicum is regarded as cutting-edge in the field of Yoga education, as we consider and curate the most effective methods to expand the potential and accelerate the learning process for trainees.

Daily Schedule

This rigorous 300 hour teacher training program takes place over 26 days. Over the course of the training, expect two afternoons off. Below is a typical schedule, which might vary slightly according to the specific needs & pace of this unique group. The days will naturally vary, as different faculty join the program for respective modules. Check in May 1st at 3pm, and check out on May 26th at 10am. Plan to land in Lisbon before 12pm on May 1st, and depart Lisbon no earlier than 4pm on May 26th.

Sunrise Satsang. Satsang is to gather in the company of those seeking the highest truth. Together, each morning we will meditate, practice pranayama, and chant mantra. The power of mantra and chanting will be explored in depth, allowing you to harness the vibrational energy of sound in your practice and teaching.
Asana. Rigorous, intentional, breath-based asana, led by The Sacred Fig faculty.
Nourish. Enjoy a healthy breakfast of living foods. Expect eggs, avocados, local fruits, yogurt, homemade granola, homemade jam, fresh bread. Meals are vegetarian, and there's options for everyone. Food is often organic & local. Cocoon's roasts their own coffee & sources quality herbal teas.
Morning Session. We will often move our bodies in the morning sessions, in more of a workshop format. Everything from applied anatomy, to acupressure points and asana breakdowns.
Nourish. Nutritious vegetarian lunch.
Integrate. Use this time to study, or enjoy a nap by the lake. This is a great opportunity to enjoy a massage, or take some quiet time to yourself.
Afternoon Session. Topics might include practice teaching in a variety of settings, physical adjustments, philosophy discussions, and more.
Nourish. Delicious vegetarian dinner.
Evening Session. Evening sessions are specifically geared to be more experiential, spontaneous & appropriate for the hour. We will not have evening sessions each night. Expect anything from film screenings, to dance parties, and embodied leadership night sessions. Some evenings will not have required sessions, while others may run slightly longer than the scheduled time.
Take Rest.



A shared room for the duration of the course


3 farm-to-table vegetarian meals per day, for the duration of the course, including water from our spring, coffee roasted in-house, and herbal teas


Access to the entire 275 acre property, including bicycles, animals, and shoddy wifi


300 hours of Yoga Alliance education

The Sacred Fig Reader, covering an innovative curriculum based on accelerated learning principles

Access to online training materials


World renowned faculty - all experts in their fields
Access to The Sacred Fig global community of yogis
Support & mentorship from The Sacred Fig faculty, including post-training guidance
Recognition as a graduate from The Sacred Fig Yoga Education Program

*Pay in full before November 1st 2024 to take advantage of early bird rates. After Nov 1st, rates go up bt $250.

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